Go For Old Fashioned With A Traditional Biscuits And Gravy Recipe

A traditional biscuits and gravy recipe can be the perfect start to a cold morning or to prepare you for a productive day. For many people this is the perfect start to their day and when they find a recipe like grandma’s old fashioned biscuits and gravy recipe, you know it is going to be a good day.

Now, when you are looking at making a biscuits and gravy recipe, you need to be sure you take your time and make adjustments as you need, based on the interest and tastes of your family. There are many different variations you can do on these and for the most part, you will find that you cannot really do too much to damage the gravy as long as you do not burn it. You may find that it takes some time to master your technique, so you might be best making a few smaller batches until you become comfortable with making a biscuits and gravy recipe.

Something that you will learn very quickly is that leftover gravy does not usually work in this case. You will want to only make as much as you plan on working. If you are not going to be feeding a large number of people, consider making a half batch. Because of how quick and easy this is to make, you should have no issues in the process.

For this biscuits and gravy recipe, find your favorite type of biscuit to cover. Be it a delicious buttermilk biscuit or a heavier baking soda biscuit. Then be prepared to smoother it in this delicious sausage gravy. Just keep in mind that you will find that you can incorporate various brands of items and even replace cream for milk, depending on the richness of the meal that you are looking for.

Just be sure you pay close attention to the entire process when making gravy to avoid any possible problems that might arise. This is one of the few items that you need to pay close attention to when cooking.

Old Fashioned Biscuits and Gravy

What You Need

1 pound of your favorite breakfast sausage
3 tablespoons butter
5 tablespoons flour, all purpose is best but you can use wheat
4 ½ cups of milk
2 teaspoons salt
2 teaspoons pepper

How to Make It

Take the sausage and cook it until there is no pink left, do not drain. Next, you will add in your flour and your butter and let it simmer over medium high heat. Be sure you keep stirring during this time and then add in your milk slowly. Keep stirring and then salt and pepper should be added. Keep stirring until you have the gravy at the thickness you are looking for. Then smother it over the biscuits you have previously made.